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What The Pope Can Teach You About Shark Sonic Duo

I was recently provide the chance to reassess the Shark Sonic Duo multi-floor cleaner and that I’m enjoying it!

Now the holidays are over and spring is s-l-o-w-l-y operating its way , I’m considering spring cleaning. I get into a cleaning groove between Christmas along with my son’s birthday Feb 2. Perhaps it’s only me, but I sort of love the cold and snow till Christmas is over. This ‘s a snapshot of some crazy spring flowers growing in my lawn this past year. They make me grin. J.

Okay. . .back to operate! I tried the Shark Sonic Duo in my carpeting cleanthiscarpet.com/shark-sonic-duo-carpet-and-hard-floor-cleaner and was amazed with the outcomes. Here’s the dirty mat after scrubbing for just about two minutes on a 44 part of fairly fresh carpeting. Eew!

I moved into my kitchen flooring. Dual Eew.

Deep Clean and rejuvenate tough flooring in the moment.

This flooring cleaner is actually cool for many reasons. To begin with, I actually enjoy everything is colour coordinated. The purple pads and cleansing options are for carpeting, the green pads and cleaning options are for hard flooring, along with the orange pads and alternatives are for tough floor polish (not included).

That makes it super simple for me to wash all of my floors without the trouble of trying to recall which pad goes with that flooring kind. I will even easily change from carpet to hard floors without needing to rinse anything out. All I need to do is pull the Velcro pad & replace with the proper one, and change bottles of alternative.

1 thing I really love about the Shark Sonic Duo is the fact that it takes hardly any work out of me. J As soon as I switched it on, it began scrubbing its own and I needed to do was guide that way I needed it to proceed. It’s "air-glide maneuverability" in order it slips across all surfaces easily. My 6 year old can also use it without any issues.

I don’t have any complaints regarding the Shark Sonic Duo and I recommend it to anybody that requires a multi-floor cleaner. Test it out for yourself in http://www.sharkclean.com/shark-sonic-duo/

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